Best Practices

At GSE we care about maintaining the integrity of our customer’s goods. We encourage our customers to put especial attention into the best packaging practices, to be familiar with the characteristics of the type of equipment selected for transportation, and the terms of conditions that may apply to the service.

shipping resources

Get familiar with shipping terms, processes and procedures involved in the transportation of goods by sea, air or ground. Obtain valuable shipping information before tendering for pick-up.

Make sure your shipping documents (commercial invoices, Safety data sheets, packing lists) are included with your goods.

Be familiar with especial handling requirements, dimensional weights, choose the proper packaging if your goods will experience customs inspections.


Our CTA program continuously performs carrier audits, SWOT analysis and kaizen events. Our compliance department strives for continues improvement by being involve in root cause analysis, correctives and preventive actions.


Technology is becoming the key driver of organization’s success. GSE makes technology works for you: Plan, collaboration, schedule and execute. It is all about our customer’s experience. Our services are encouraged by technology innovation and competitive edge.